About Us


We believe organizations should have control of their own destiny. However, this freedom is not easily obtained. We envision TekStak performing the role of a trusted advisor, guiding businesses through the storm of digital applications and empowering them with control and solution agility.


Integrity in Every Relationship

Expertise in Every Engagement

Urgency in Every Initiative

Passion in Every Commitment


At TekStak Solutions, we aim to fulfill the obligations and aspirations of a higher calling by providing boutique professional services. Sustainable growth built upon value-based long-term relationships are the building blocks of our client-based approach.

Our Approach

The Alinement Methodology™ solution approach incorporates both holistic and contextual perspectives. The first provides a complete field of view, the second anchors the solution in real-time conditions.

Every solution is considered through the lens of the user experience, not how impressive the "engine room" may appear. We take a process-first approach and focus on business outcomes. We are platform agnostic. While we often makes suggestions, software and SaaS licenses are provided by others.

We believe the only purpose of technology is to serve the business - not the other way around.