Alinement Methodology™

Where others see a forest, we see trees.

You have more important things to do than concentrate on the daily minutae of operations.

When it comes to business processes and systems, evolutionary development is the default and is the norm for early-stage companies.  During a typical start up, the usual focus is on survival and cash.  Once businesses become somewhat established, however, process, system, and transaction efficiency are required to effectively scale.  This is when the Alinement Methodology™ helps executives take their organizations to the next level!

The Alinement Methodology™

A Five-Point Solution to Business Optimization

Tekstak Solutions provides clients with a proprietary process and the accompanying guidance to help executives optimize their business processes and navigate through the fog and noise of the world of digital applications. The first contracted interaction with a client is an initial discovery session which delivers a diagnostic overview report.  In short, this report summarizes for the client the cost of doing nothing. At this point a more detailed project engagement proposal will be offered. This diagnostic report and accompanying proposal can be considered the “entrance ramp” to the proprietary Alinement Methodology™. The phases of this unique methodology are as follows: 

Step 1: Discover & Diagnose

The initial assessment and orientation that establishes context and identifies business challenges and their symptoms in general terms.  This phase is a clinical overview of the business and all its related systems.

Step 2: Mapping & Analysis

In this phase, Tekstak consultants identify and document the structure and current state of the business or department with a forensic examination of the database(s) and systems along with every process, workflow, and interaction.  Symptoms and their causes are separated.

Step 3: Concept & Design

The goal of this phase is to develop and plot the features and functionalities of an ideal future state for all the items identified in the Mapping phase. This includes defining and assigning objective success metrics to all key transactions and interactions, both inside and outside the organization. 

Step 4: Develop & Pilot

During this phase, we work with clients to build a working model of the plan or select portions of the plan (that have a critical path and ROI that can stand on its own) to prove and validate the most effective and efficient means to move from the current state (Mapping & Analysis) to the target future state (Concept & Design). A critical component of this phase is the user training and adoption plan

Step 5: Implement & Train

This is game time!  During this phase Tekstak consultants work with clients to rollout the programs defined and developed in the previous phase. This usually involves departmental or team-based workshops with accompanying training solutions to ensure consistent and effective adoption. 

Next Steps: Measure & Optimize

The long game.  When the fine tuning takes place.  The goal here is to initiate and maintain a reasonable review cadence of the success metrics determined in Concept & Design.  This phase is where individual user preferences can influence UI modifications in view of maximizing outputs.  Continuing best practice and upskilling workshops will advance and maintain performance to full potential

Become Future-Proof.

In summary, by first focusing on and optimizing the underlying processes, tailored technological solutions can be leveraged to maximum effect. The Alinement Methodology™ is a proven continuous improvement process that enables businesses to both realize and future-proof their operational efficiency.