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At TekStak, we understand that every business has unique needs that can rapidly evolve. That’s why we’ve developed an innovative methodology to address those needs and keep you ahead of the curve. By combining the best of Agile Methodology and Salesforce techniques, we help you position your company to respond quickly and effectively to the ever-changing business environment.

Our methodology is designed to meet your specific needs, enabling you to optimize your processes, streamline workflows, and improve performance. We work with you to identify areas where your business can benefit from greater agility and flexibility, and then develop a customized plan to achieve those goals. With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we help you navigate the complex and fast-paced world of business with confidence. Whether you’re looking to scale your operations, expand your reach, or respond to emerging trends, TekStak has the expertise and experience to help you succeed.

How the Alinement Methodology Serves You

At TekStak, we believe in unlocking the true power of your business. Our Alinement Methodology is the secret sauce that optimizes every aspect: your talented team, streamlined processes, valuable data insights, and cutting-edge technology. With our tailored solutions, you’ll experience sustained growth, increased efficiency, and a competitive advantage that fuels your success. Together, let’s unleash the full potential of your business.


The Roadmap to Success

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Understanding the Methodology

Is your business aligned with your goals?

Tekstak Solutions follows a structured business methodology called the Alinement Methodology, which comprises six steps: Discover, Analyze, Conceptualize, Develop, Implement, and Optimize. The process begins with a deep dive into a client’s company operations during a discovery session. Tekstak invests time to understand the client’s needs and designs a plan that cuts through the jargon, laying out a clear roadmap for success. During the implementation phase, Tekstak offers guidance and support to ensure successful execution of the plan. Finally, the process concludes with an analysis of the results, making refinements where necessary.

The Alinement Methodology was created to establish a cohesive process to analyze and evaluate the needs of a business. Tekstak Solutions invests in this process because it has proven to work. By following these six steps, Tekstak can help businesses optimize their operations, achieve their goals, and maintain a competitive edge. The Alinement Methodology is a powerful tool that enables Tekstak to work collaboratively with clients to create customized solutions that meet their unique needs.



1-2 Weeks
Quadrant & Culture Analysis, Solution Matrix, Creation of the Vision Map



8 Weeks
Mapping & Analysis
The Deep Dive!



3 Weeks
Creation of the Proof of Concept
Development of the "flight simulator" - an environmental simulation in a controlled environment



8 Weeks
Buildout of the software solution
Pilot the program in the client's environment.



8 Weeks
Dry run! Input of Historical Data
Refine approach & fine-tune the process
Department Training



8 Weeks - continuing
Continue working with clients for long-term care and optimization of the TekStak solution

Four Quadrant Process

The Four-Quadrant-Process is a methodology that integrates four key components: people, process, data, and technology.   Just as a car’s tires must be in alignment to function properly, each quadrant must be in sync to achieve optimal business performance.

The “people” quadrant represents the team members who drive the business forward. They are responsible for the day-to-day operations and decision-making. 

The “process” quadrant represents the procedures and workflows that define how the business operates.   

The “data” quadrant represents the valuable insights that inform decision-making and drive business growth.

 Finally, the “platform” quadrant represents the tools and platforms that businesses use to achieve their goals. 

When a quadrant is out of sync, the entire system may break down.  However, when each quadrant is in alignment, they work together to provide stability, speed, and efficiency, enabling the business to move forward.   

Tekstak is your business racecar’s support team:  The Crew Chief, the engineers, the mechanics, and the pit crew.  With TekStak as your crew team, making sure your tires are balanced and your systems are aligned, you are fully supported in the driver’s seat.




Discover how our solutions have helped businesses like yours achieve their goals. Each case study showcases a real-world problem that we were able to solve with our expertise, experience, and innovative approach. We take pride in delivering measurable results for our clients, and our case studies demonstrate the impact of our solutions on their businesses.

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OBJECTIVE: Streamline book-keeping methods between the Sales Team and Factory...

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