Job Opportunities

Business Process Analyst

Job title 

Business Process Analyst 

Current Employee 




Full-time or Part time 

Full time 



Reports to: 

Project Manager  


Assistant Process Analyst 

Skills/Attributes Required: 

Detail oriented, with organizational skills and a professional bearing, with sufficient graphics and writing skills needed to document business journey and transactions through flowcharts, org mapping, and accompanying text descriptions. 

Education/Experience Required: 

MBA is preferred, with experience and a working knowledge of business structure and organization principles and a general knowledge of relevant business management systems, i.e.: MA / CRM / ERP / SOR  

Key Performance Objectives: 

To discover and unpack and document the entire end-to-end business process, while representing Tekstak in a completely professional manner.  This exercise should be conducted in as passive and non-intrusive manner as possible. 




Mapping the Client Business Departments 

Per Engagement 

Conduct interviews, workshops, and the required forensic research to discover and document the client business structure by department and the departmental relationships, transactions, and duties within themselves and to each other. And the responsibilities each department has to the client customer and client value proposition. 

Mapping the Client Business Org Hierarchy 

Per Engagement 

Conduct interviews, workshops, and the required forensic research to discover and document the clients’ personnel and human resources.  This includes reporting lines, role responsibilities, and their relationship each has to the rest of the organization. 

Mapping the Client Business Systems 

Per Engagement 

Conduct interviews, workshops, and the required forensic research to discover and document the digital systems on which the internal and external business transactions and interactions take place. 

Recording Time by Task 


Entering all time allocation in Salesforce by project and task 

Recording Expenses 


Entering all expense incurred in Salesforce by project and task 


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